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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Beautiful Day - Side Step Dresser Card

Good Morning,
    a busy morning already. My son and I went out and got the lawns all mowed before it got too hot. My husband is away on meetings and with all of the rain, the lawn was in desperate need of a mow. I am back to work on Friday, so I decided that I am going to take advantage of the beautiful day, and bring my computer outside, and I will work on my blog. We have a pair of ducks that come to our kitchen window three to four times a day, and they sit below the window waiting for me to throw bread out to them. here is a picture of them.
     I am just waiting to see the babies. Well I know my blog works, as my sister just called me to say she loved the site. So glad it is working.
    Ok on to my cards, because that is why we are here. Keep in mind this is my first attempt, I am sure I will improve with time. :o)

Side Step Dresser Card Tutorial
Supplies needed:
 a paper trimmer
 a piece of cardstock cut to 8.5" x 5.5" (for dresser)
 three pieces of matching cardstock cut to 3/4" x 2" (for drawers)
 a 1 1/2" square punch
 a decorative edge punch
 dark brown ink for sponging
 foam pop dots
 brads for knobs

Placing the short side of your paper at the top, and the long side to be cut, measure in 2 3/4 inches, move your cutting blade down to the 1" mark and cut from the 1" mark to 5 1/4".

On one side only, score at the 1" and 2" mark, down to your cut.
Next fold on your score lines. After folding if you want your dresser on the other side fold the scores the other way. Then fold the remainder of your card end to end.
Using your 1 1/2" square punch, punch out about half a square on the bottom edge to make your "legs", and center your decorative edge punch to add to the other side. (I didn't do a great job centering) Then cut out your three "drawers"

Sponge all of your edges with dark brown ink, I used Stampin' Up's Chocolate Chip. Then add your brads to the centers of your drawers, and, using foam pop dots, attach them to your dresser.

Take a couple of scraps of paper and fold over and glue to drawers to look like clothes coming out, stamp a message on the card and you are finished. You can add a note to the side or another decorative embellishment, like the shirt I added in my earlier post.

Well that took a little longer than I thought, but I hope you have fun making these cards.
Thanks, Tina

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