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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Let's Get Started

     As my family will attest to, I spend much of my free time searching the internet for card ideas, color combinations, and ideas for different techniques, taking a piece that I like from a card idea and putting my own twist on it. If you are anything like me, often I would have great intentions of going to work on my cards in my craft room, then spend what time I had trying to decide what I wanted to do. My mom has helped me to organize my craft room, trying to make it a little more user friendly....Thanks Mom...... and I can say my time spent down there lately has been very productive. Once I clean it up a little I will take some pictures and show you why my husband shakes his head at me when he walks in my room.
     I usually will work on a specific theme if there is a holiday coming up, ie: Father's Day, but I always go back to Christmas cards. If you hang around 'til Christmas you will see how much I love the cards, the decorating, and Christmas period. Tonight I am going to attempt to attach some cards I have been working on. The color of some of the pictures isn't great, but I found a pattern for a "white box" to help you take pictures of your cards with better lighting and I think it works much better.

     I don't know about you, but there aren't alot of card ideas out there for men. Here are a couple of card ideas I came up with, the dresser is easy to make. I found this idea while searching one day, and when I find where I found it I will attach a link, if I can figure out how, and share it with everyone.
     I am not a Stampin' Up demonstrator, but I love their stamps, but as you will see I use what I like, and if it's on sale even better. Good night everyone and talk tomorrow.

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