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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Prom/Wedding Card

Hello everyone,
     I had great intentions of posting yesterday, but I think it is going to be a little more than difficult, when I am working, to find time in the evening once I get home. I have to work tonight but I got up this morning because I just have to share with you a card I made. While I have been cleaning my craft room, I have been finding scraps of paper everywhere with ideas for cards, and jotted notes of ideas I have seen. Unfortunately I don't write down the website where I found them. So then I have to try and figure it out myself. Actually I am very proud of this card, and with Prom/Wedding season coming quickly I thought these were cute cards to adapt to any situation.
     Here is a picture of the finished card.
     These adorable figures are made from heart shapes. Oh by the way, I have figured out how to make the size of my pictures smaller so they will load faster. It is all a learning game.
     I don't have a large heart punch, but I do have a cricut, with the Sure Cuts Alot program, so it takes a few more clicks to get them set up and cut, but use what you have.....right? With a few cuts and folds, layering and sponging, they come together. The tie, for the tux, is just a piece of ribbon knotted and using a glue dot to hold it together and in place. You could change the color of the dress/tux to match any situation, be it prom or wedding. Vellum would be a very pretty way of making a veil for a wedding dress.
     I have been purchasing items for my craft room, for about 10 years now and there is always something else you could want, especially if it makes your crafting experience a little faster/easier. Well, I have lots of other ideas and projects I want to share with you, so check back often.
Later, Tina

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