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Saturday, 10 September 2011

LadyBug Card

I was sitting here trying to decide which card I would like to describe to you. I had the whole entry written and then my cat came and walked across my keyboard and erased it all. Good thing we love her. I just got up from my computer a couple of minutes ago, and decided to close my screen before I left it. I think it was a good idea, what do you think?? hehehehe
I think Freckles is feeling left out when I am on my computer.
Now on to the card.........
This lady bug is so cute. I saw a lady bug during one of my google images searches and thought, ''I could make that''. Like I have said, I don't have all of the Stampin' Up punches, but I have the circle maker from Creative Memories. So for the body I made 2 - 2 inch circles one in red and one in black, and for the head I used my 3/4 inch circle punch. I then took the red 2 inch circle and used a regular hand-held hole punch and punched out some small black circles, glued them in place on the body and then added crystal effects to each little black circle. You have to let it dry for a while. Once dried, I cut the red circle in half, to make the wings. I then glued them to the black 2 inch circle, and then glued the head in place. I sponged clouds on the 4.25 x 5.5 card base for my background. I'll show you in another post how easy it is to make the clouds. Next, place the ladybug on the card, I took my fine tip black marker and drew in the antennaes. The swirl, at the back of the ladybug, is a stamp I used from another stamp set I have. I used my "grass" cut craft scissors (you know the ones we all just had to have when we started) to cut the grass and used my cricut and one of the cartridges to make the grass on each side.
I hope you enjoy making these cute ladybugs for your cards. Leave me a note or link to your site, I would love to see your ideas.
Until next time, happy crafting, Tina

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