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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Word Window Fence

Hello everyone,

I showed you in an earlier post how to make the pumpkins shown in this card, well now I will show you how easy it is to make the fence.

You will need a paper cutter and your Word Window punch.

First cut strips of card stock, whatever color you want your fence, into  just slightly less than 3/8th inch strips.

Next, feed each strip into your Word Window punch, like being demonstrated in the picture, and just punch one end. Looking at the card after I realized you could also just snip the ends into a "v" and make a picket fence, for a spring/Easter card, Mother's Day etc. The options are endless.

Next sponge the edges around your strips, space out your fence posts how you want them and then lay a strip across them, to "join" them together. See, and you though this was going to be difficult.

As you can see above I have made two little fences, I will just cut them in half and round each of the remaining ends with the Word Window punch.  I space the long posts 1 inch apart and the short fence posts 1 inch apart, but you could make the fence any size you would like.

You can use these little fences anywhere you would want a fence on your cards. I spaced the two long posts and the fence posts all 1 inch apart, and just added dabs of Tombow glue to glue them together.

Happy crafting, Tina

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